Do you love to make and edit your photos? Now, your photo editing job will become much more interesting thanks to Freddy Photo Editor For FNAF – an awesome mobile app game that is free to download with an APK file. With this app, you will find it much more wonderful when editing your cute pictures.

About Freddy Photo Editor For FNAF

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1.1 for Android

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April, 03, 2017

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5.4 MB

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Root Apps

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Android support version

Android 4.0+

Download Freddy Photo Editor For FNAF

Freddy Photo Editor For FNAF is a useful mobile app that will help you make the pictures more and more beautiful, or even scarier! Do you want to see yourself with an FNAF scary face and a spooky mask? Would you like to wear a terrible Freddy mask then go scare your friends? With this app, you can totally do it!


The app is kind of simple and easy to use. You just simply pick a picture that you want to edit, then start choosing the face of an animatronic that you like. You can put the chosen face on your face, which turns you into the animatronic. It’s very easy to use, right? This is going to be a great chance for you to fly high your imagination! Plus, you will become an excellent photo editor!

The app features a lot of animatronic characters coming from Five Nights at Freddy’s series by Scott Cawthon. You can explore and pick your favorite ones. They won’t look much scary on your face, conversely, you will surely find it funny. Feel free to download the app and share it with your friends to get a lot of cool pictures!

In-app features

  • Freddy’s World Photo Editor is an amazing and awesome way to stimulate your photos FNAF style
  • Feel free to take your selfies or ordinary photos then add a lot of wonderful FNAF effects to those photos.
  • You are totally able to edit your own photos with creepy FNAF stickers and customize them following your own style.
  • You are also able to battle with your opponents in your photos, create your armor and share your wonderful moments with friends.
  • Only use the one-touch finger to easily paint the face, move, zoom, crop or even rotate.
  • Use multitouch to drag to the right position or even resize it.
  • Feel free to save your “work of art” then share it with your friends via social apps.

Freddy Photo Editor For FNAF APK Free Download

Freddy Photo Editor For FNAF APK Free Download promises to be an awesome app that you never want to miss, especially if you love to do the photo editing job. Just simply click to download the app and start editing your own photos with FNAF style.

Privacy Policy

All the graphics in the app are made for entertainment purposes only. Please contact the developers quickly by sending an email to them: [email protected] if you find any copyright or legal.

Download Freddy Photo Editor For FNAF

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